Knott – Dedicated to Safe Agricultural Braking October 7, 2016

Knott Brake – Dedicated to Safe Agricultural Braking Knott drum brakes, disc brakes, and wet disc brakes are utilized in numerous applications to safely control a wide variety of agricultural equipment. Safely bringing tens of thousands of pounds of liquid manure to a stop is a challenge that can have significant environmental, safety, and odor (Read More)

180 X 30mm Mechanical Cam Brake September 2, 2016

New 180×30 Cam Brake Knott Brake Company has released a new 180×30 cam brake for production. The brake was developed in conjunction with a customer who was redesigning a military trailer. The new trailer carries heavier loads and puts an excessive demand on the previous mechanical parking brakes. Wanting to keep the wheel for the trailer unchanged, KBC (Read More)

Dynamometer Testing Capability at Knott Brake March 18, 2016

Knott Brake Company Adds New Dynamometer Test Capability Knott Brake Company is pleased to announce the addition of the Brake Dynamometer.  The dynamometer was refurbished by Link Engineering utilizing the latest Pro-Link Data Acquisition System. It has a 150 HP motor capable of maximum speeds up to 2000 rpm, inertia of 115.2 Kg m2, a (Read More)

Brake Systems for Military Applications

Superior Brakes For Armored Vehicles Military Application Brake Systems Knott has good reason to claim the title of specialist in brakes and braking systems for defense applications. With braking systems and variants to cover the every conceivable requirement, Knott supplies solutions from its own development and production. Your mission, the conditions you will be facing, (Read More)