Custom Performance Brakes Made Just for Your Application

Our Quality Control Process

Quality is more than just a process, it is our commitment. At Knott Brake Company, we are proud of our record of dependability in providing brakes, friction material and associated component parts to the industry and hold ISO 9001:2008 certification. Our continuous commitment to improved standards in quality of goods and service is what makes our products last a long service life while also insuring the safety of its users. (Learn More)

Our Engineering Process

With over 50 years of combined experience, our world class engineering team has the expertise to design a brake solution made just for your application. Whether your needs are to improve an existing brake system or design a custom braking solution, our engineering process insures the safety, performance and dependability that Knott Brake products have come to be known for. (Learn More)

Our Manufacturing Process

More than just Manufacturing, our standards of quality are present in both the production and development of manufacturing processes at Knott Brake Company. Manufacturing of complete brake assemblies is completed in our modern machine shop that is capable of both welding and assembly processes. (Learn More)

Our Testing Process

More than just Testing, our state of the art testing and validation resources allow us to insure the safety of your brake products while also keeping your project on time and on budget. Using testing data and results allow us to quickly make informed decisions during your brake design and validation process that maintain safety, quality and durability. (Learn More)

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For more than 60 years, Knott Brake Company has been the leading provider of performance brakes for off-highway vehicles. As a Single Source Supplier, we built a global reputation as the “tailor to the industry.” From custom brakes to brakes products, every product we offer is designed with safety, performance and dependability in mind. That’s how we’ve always done it at the Knott Brake Company, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Get Premium Performance Brakes and Brake Products

The Knott Brake Company is proud to be a world wide leader in high-quality customer engineered solutions. We’re dedicated to providing the best selection of standard brakes and accessories on the market. From drum brakes and disc brakes to wet disc brakes and custom brake design, we offer the most complete brake products line in the industry. Whether you’re having problems with a brake shoe and need a special solution or you need to stock up on accessories, you can count on the Knott Brake Company to have everything you need. Shop our selection today!