Drum Brakes

Drum brakes use pads, also known as “shoes” press outward against a rotating cylinder and uses friction to stop. Knott Brake offers a wide range of Drum Brakes. Excellent in applications where brake fade is not a primary concern. Our extensive experience in a mechanical brake, wedge brake, or hydraulic drum brake solution makes our brake designs efficient yet affordable. With a product range from 115mm to 500mm, we offer inexpensive mechanical brakes to powerful hydraulic brakes. Our custom brake solutions will be a perfect braking solution for your off-road vehicle. We are confident that we will be able to offer braking solutions to fit your needs.

Wedge Drum Brakes

Custom Wedge Drum Brakes

Wedge brakes are simply the most powerful of all braking solutions. They can be actuated via hydraulics or by air. The hydraulic system or air actuator forces the plungers outward, stopping the vehicle. Knott wedge drum brakes come in either Simplex or Duplex versions from 410mm to 500mm in diameter and with torques up to 40,000 Nm. Wedge brakes are an efficient solution for off-road construction vehicles. Order from Knott Brake.

Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Custom Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Knott has a complete line of hydraulic drum brakes readily available. We offer brakes suitable for lawn and garden application to large earth moving or construction equipment. Hydraulic drum brakes combine the efficiency of drum brakes with the flexibility of a hydraulic actuation system, meaning that they are an excellent solution to any number of braking requirements. Depending on your application, Knott Brake offers both hydraulic servo brakes and simplex hydraulics with custom brake torque up to 25,000Nm. Hydraulic drum brakes are an efficient braking solution if brake pad wear is not your primary concern. Contact our sales team to find out how Knott Brake Company can help you with a hydraulic drum brake solutions.

Mechanical Drum Brakes

Custom Mechanical Drum Brakes

Knott Brake mechanical drum brakes are proven solutions for any braking challenge that needs a strong mechanical brake advantage, and where the user does not desire or need the expense of a hydraulic actuation system. Mechanical drum brakes are a braking solution where the brake pad pushes outward, to slow a rotating cylinder. The cylinder uses friction to stop. A mechanical brake system is a quality braking solution for your off-highway vehicle. Mechanical drum brakes can benefit the life and efficiency of your vehicles.