Wet Disc Brakes

Custom Wet Disc Brakes

Available in hydraulic, mechanical or hydromechanical activation, Knott Brake has a line of ball ramp wet disc brakes available for order. Wet disc brakes have diameters from about 4-10 inches. They are fully enclosed, and run in oil. The oil is able to keep them cool, and in turn, this offers maximum service life for your brake system. Sometimes these brakes are called oil-cooled disc brakes. Check out our various designs of wet disc brakes.

  • • Diameters from 4 to 10 inches
  • • Braking torques up to 8000 NM for ball ramp designs
  • • Available in Mono & multi-servo designs
  • • Braking torques to 22,000 NM for annular designs
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