Mechanical Drum Brakes

Custom Mechanical Drum Brakes

Knott Brake mechanical drum brakes are proven solutions for any braking challenge that needs a strong mechanical brake advantage, and where the user does not desire or need the expense of a hydraulic actuation system. Mechanical drum brakes are a braking solution where the brake pad pushes outward, to slow a rotating cylinder. The cylinder uses friction to stop. A mechanical brake system is a quality braking solution for your off-highway vehicle. Mechanical drum brakes can benefit the life and efficiency of your vehicles.

  • • Cam activated brakes from 115 to 500 mm
  • • Braking Torques from 200 to 25,000 Nm
  • • Flat and S-cam types available
  • • Spread lever brakes from 150 to 325 mm
  • • Braking torques from 400 to 8,500 Nm

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