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Knott Brake Company is a world leader in providing custom brake solutions to off-highway vehicle markets. Our brake products include drum brakes, disc brakes, wet disc brakesband brakes, brake friction material and custom brake design for a variety of industries. Browse our site to view some of our brake products and contact a Knott Brake Company representative to discuss your brake system needs. We specialize in not only the development of brakes, but also brake testing, engineering, and brake manufacturing.

Special Solutions for Your Brake System Needs

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Budgets are a reality for us, just as they are for you. You'll find that Knott brakes are readily cost-justifiable because their superior design and manufacture mean longer and more effective service.

Friction Material

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Knott Brake Company offers a line of light to medium duty brake friction material; from milled rubber to molded products we are certain that we can offer a solution to meet your needs.

Disc Brakes
Disc Brake

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Knott offers a wide range of disc brake styles and sizes. Spanning from small mechanical calipers for lawn garden and other light duty applications to large hydraulic disc brakes suitable for construc