Superior Brakes For Armored Vehicles

Knott has good reason to claim the title of specialist in brakes and braking systems for defense applications. With braking systems and variants to cover every conceivable requirement, Knott supplies solutions from its own development and production. Your mission, the conditions you will be facing, and the area of application of your vehicle, are the deciding factors when it comes to determining the operating principle, design, and performance of your brakes and braking system.

Sales Division
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Knott Brake is your one-stop braking system supplier!

We will provide you with objective advice as we can select for each application the optimal brake type based on designs perfectly outfitting brakes for your vehicle.

Knott develops and produces the following brakes:

• Disc brakes (fixed and sliding caliper)
Hydraulic Disk Brakes
Mechanical Disk Brakes
• Drum brakes
Hydraulic Drum Brakes
– Pneumatic
Mechanical Drum Brakes
• Encapsulated wet multi-disc brakes
– Hydraulic
– Pneumatic
– Mechanical