Different Types of Tractor Brakes

A critical component of all tractors is the braking system. There are different types of tractor brakes for the different types of tractors used in the agricultural industry. From the large cornhusker’s tractor air brakes to the front yards of suburbia’s garden tractor brakes, they all have one thing in common: they have to work. And they have to slow and stop properly every time. Which types of tractor brakes are best for the vehicles you operate or service? You’ll find them at Knott Brake.

Dry Tractor Brakes

You’d recognize dry brakes as those you have on your car or truck. These include hydraulic drum brakes, hydraulic disc brakes and air disc brakes on tractor-trailers. When used as tractor brakes, each type works great in its application. Drum and disc brakes are the two parent types, with air disc and hydraulic drum variants of each. Here is a brief explanation of each:

  • Disc Brakes: A caliper with hydraulic fluid squeezes to friction pads against the disc to slow the wheel.
  • Drum Brakes: A piston with hydraulic fluid forces friction shoe pads outward against the drum walls.
  • Air Brakes: Can be drum, disc or a combination, with air pressure providing the power instead of hydraulic fluid.

Wet Tractor Brakes On the Farm

When you operate heavy farm tractors in difficult conditions, dry tractor brakes may not be enough. Why? Because they’re external and exposed to those conditions. But farm machinery still needs to stop. What can you do? Wet disc brakes could be the answer, though you may have never heard of them before unless you’ve lived on a farm or worked with certain kinds of heavy machinery. Unlike a car’s brakes or your lawn tractor brakes, heavy farm machinery and large construction vehicles sit out and work in the worst conditions, and their brakes can’t fail. How do wet brakes work?

  • Multiple Discs: Wet brakes use multiple discs which are positioned in oil or transmission fluid.
  • Hydraulic pressure: Hydraulic pressure is used for stopping.
  • Internal Braking: As a result of the oil or fluid used, the discs remain cool and aren’t exposed to mud, debris or extreme weather conditions.
  • Low-Maintenance & Long Life: Seldom is maintenance needed, and the discs last for years.

You Can Stop a Cornhusker with Knott Brake

Are you looking for wheel-type tractor brakes in all the wrong places, namely those farm machinery outfitters and big chains? Many of these places only carry what everyone else does, and that can leave you without the tractor brakes you need NOW to finish harvesting. But not with Knott Brake! We understand that not everyone has the same car, so why assume everyone has the same type of tractor or rotary tiller machinery? We have the largest selection of utility tractor air brakes/kits alongside garden tractor brakes and everything in between. Never have down-time from waiting on brake parts suppliers again. Stop looking when you find Knott Brake.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tractor Brakes

Whether you need lawn tractor brakes or heavy-duty wet discs on a row crop tractor, we all need to slow down and stop sometimes. Here are some frequently asked questions about Knott Brake’s tractor brakes.

What is the Most Powerful Tractor Brake?

The wedge drum brakes can be actuated by hydraulics or air, and they can reach torques of 40,000 (Nm).

How Often Should I Perform Regular Maintenance on My Forklift Brakes?

To be proactive and save headaches down the line, we recommend performing regular forklift brake maintenance about every 250 hours of service by blowing out the brake dust. Then, after 2,000 hours, a technician with forklift brake expertise should perform a more thorough inspection with the drums pulled.

What Type of Utility or Lawn Tractor Brake is Best?

Most riding mowers and smaller utility tractors use disc brakes where the brake arm pushes the pad against the disc. There are many excellent choices you could go with, including mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes.

Shop Knott Brake for All The Tractor Brakes You Need

Whether you need wet disc brakes for a massive track-type tractor or wedge hydraulic drums, Knott Brake has the high-quality tractor brakes you need when you need them. With the largest array of brakes in the industry, we can solve your braking problems with innovative solutions and outstanding customer service. No more need to spend half your day calling around for tractor brakes when you have more important things to do. Knott Brake will put a stop to your wasted time and put a smile on your face. Contact us today to let us show you how we can help.


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Industrial Brake Applications

At Knott we understand the market requirements for your utility, recreational or turf care vehicles. Markets such as these need low cost effective solutions for parking applications which we offer in our compact drum brake configurations.